Changes coming soon

What Changes?

Changes happening! If you have been following me, thank you. That is my business website evolving behind that link, made possible by an educational adventure first supported by an honorarium given by the Carefree Society in March 2017 towards the PHP script training I began with. Oh yes, I am Ken, the manager of this WordPress blog behind the Carefree Website among a few others. The Carefree Website itself was my showcase website for the last series of courses I took before March 2016, and I donated it to them. I sit on their board. I went on past that initial course with further grants supplied by the funders of Make A Change Canada. I learned about framework software like Bootstrap, blog platforms like WordPress, and tricks to get more web traffic with SEO Tools. The Static Website ahead of this blog will transform very soon to be accessible for cell phones is just one advantage to updating it. I’ll even do some SEO work on it as time goes on. This WordPress Blog has a plugin or 2 helping it. Thanks for looking in as it progresses. I’ll set up a subscriber link for our feed here soon, as one change is yet to come just to this part. The theme changes too, perhaps to make it more like the leading website. We have made this possible through the IBDE and Business Abilities courses, which are accredited through Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Well, enough about me.

The website you see as you traverse through at the moment was hard-coded using bulky “Web Authoring” software called Adobe Dreamweaver V5x, which writes the HTML code in the accessible “extended” format or XHTML and the designer does not have to have a lot of experience to use the software. We see better results where the designer knows the code and can tweak and add when needed, though. The software made it great for persons with visual or hearing challenges to use aids to “see” the website with a reader or audio aid with minimal editing of the code. Unfortunately, the procedure to make it accessible for your cellphones and tablets involves some technical skills difficult to master, and that is what the internet needs now, as there are fewer and fewer people who use a computer these days exclusively.

With PHP, it can input fields for applications etc, perhaps registration of services if the Board wishes.  Any number of input forms are as secure as our website can be. I just need physical input from the board, as we will need to form a website team as the revamp progresses. Bootstrap will make an entire site redesign possible for the smallest cell phones with slightly larger tablets and other touch-ready screens.  This entire website will again be a showcase site, this time for to launch hopeful success before the next 5 years, which will bring a new domain. My first sale of a Website to offer my maintenance services has yet to happen, but I am sitting here with this oneVolunteering at Prince George‘s Volunteer Management Group and advising the Handy Circle Resources Society on their blog, in a team with their writer. We will still need a writer for this one if you are interested. In closing, a business ad quietly slipped in. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!

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