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Sometime shortly, This website, will be seen and some folks in other communities in British Columbia might want to compliment us with a back link.  We’ll thank you for that, let us know where it is and we’ll put a backlink up for you on our sidebar with your unique keyword-rich title text!  Please copy and paste this text below made for that purpose, comment with your linking text and we’ll do the same for you.  If I discover it without you telling me, we’ll use your best keywords when they are found on your website.  Thank you in advance

I am discovering your words with some cool SEO tools like Wordtracker, Majestic SEO, and many more that I am discovering with help from Make a Change Canada‘s IBDE Advanced Web Design Program,  SEO Tools course.  Consider them if you are considering launching a business!


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Thank you!

Linking back links is a great SEO measure.  It adds strength to your page when a Blog you link to links right back to you.  That’s mutual.  This website needs more linking and back links too.

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