Transit 2017

Just added some sharing links below.  Very cool addition, it’s working great as far as I can tell.  Stick around and help this blog, the website ahead of it grow, Ride with and observe BC Transit evolve, better in part with the Carefree Society’s input along with our passengers residing in the City of Prince GeorgeIt’s a fine collection of collective minds, Carefree forms a big part of the “Accessible Transit Action Committee” or ATAC.  That’s a PDF link, btw.  It’s the latest board minutes as of this writing.  They meet quarterly as well.  You, as a transit rider or person with a transit concern in Prince George are welcome to attend with advanced notice, feel free to connect with me via this blog, which could be well received.

You may have noticed our BC Transit evolving over time; may as well have noticed some major changes locally in Prince George Transit and across the entire province of British Colombia, Canada towards access and inclusion.  Perhaps you’ll hear or have some comments about BC Transit plans for the immediate future, happening along with the Highway of Tear’s expansion connecting Prince Rupert and Prince George (this is just one part of that route)…  Kinda, will take a few years to prove its worth.  For some, including us who have resided in this office all this time, while BC evolved…   Partly because of us and our clientele over those years, combining to form a strong link in Prince George Transit locally.  We have a chance to be moving!

It’s a dream come true!  Something we envisioned all those years, a new home someplace with no real income to spare above operational costs. For others however, BC Transit’s immediate futures with Prince George Transit are not such a good idea.  They do have valid concerns and need to come to an Accessible Transit Action Committee meeting to voice their concerns.  Prince George’s  Carefree Transportation Society will have new offices and modern technology there, to manage BC Transit’s fleet of HandyDART buses among the bigger buses.  Woot!   Perhaps they’ll even be able to pay their favorite web designer too, saving so much money…  This site will improve and it may someday be able to generate income mostly because of a course offered by “Make A Change Canada” with a financial contribution (99% sure of a”yea” at a meeting with Carefree upcoming perhaps at another, under another volunteer website I work on with a team, or perhaps with even a contest).  It was a project website from my last course through them.  Once it achieves a sustainable residual income and pays for itself I’ll take a wage.

But in order for that to happen I feel, I need these courses which will go into this entire website as it was a project from the last course supplied by Make A change Canada via “IBDE” and accredited from Selkirk Collage distance training.  The future of Carefree continuing to provide the services they do around the community depends on your support, this website is a huge donation of my personal time towards advertising their influences towards the world.  I do it from home, ride public transit including HandyDART with a mobility device and volunteer with many worthy organizations.  Meh.  I never get to the office itself.  It is almost accessible but crowded.   I hope it does get a new home someplace, in the few short years I have been involved I imagined the decades spent in that office.  Update 2018 we are waiting another location to be decided upon by CPG and BC Transit as the predetermined site was rejected by the City of Prince George and our citizens

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