Who are the Carefree Board members?

HandyDART bus operating in Prince George BC

During posted hours we provide a “door to door” service to all our riders!


BC’s first Door to Door shuttle service.  The Carefree Transportation Society has managed BC Transit‘s fleet of HandyDART  accessible shuttles since before Accessible Transit was cool in Northern BC.  It was born out of a need to affordably transport patients with chronic conditions who could not access the city transit to medical appointments.  As you can see on our history page, we have come a long way and influenced transit province wide, starting here in Prince George.  As you may know, we have always had an Advisory board  to guide the changes we have made as your community home to destination and back again if that’s the destination desired.  Heck, with consideration and careful planning you can go from home to destination to destination to shopping late on Thursdays then home all good. “Door to Door” shuttle in Prince George, in many communities serviced by BC transit.  Now onto the main body of the post you came here to see.  These are the Advisory Board’s Bios to follow below, Post to be updated as I get documents.  After that, each AGM if info changes, it will continue to be updated.

Executive Board 2019-20

Steve Lorenz


Steve works for AiMHi Prince George in the Infinte Employment Solutions department.  There he facilitates the “Common Goods Training” program.  He has 3 adult kids and 4 grandchildren.  He also enjoys hiking, running, biking and weight training in his free time.  He’s basically into anything active. He’s served on numerous boards and has been employed for numerous non-profits.  He enjoys the the Carefree board because it is a very well run organization and the people he works with rely on supported transportation for engaging in the community.  He began in 2017 as as a member on the executive board described below (stay tuned for updates) for a year before becoming president in 2018 at that Annual General Meeting. 

More to come

Stay tuned for more bios to come, like the one above.  This post will be updated soon.  The board members need to send bios to me to post, preferably before the 24th of November at our board Social for 2019.

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