Wireless on routes

Through the Accessible Transit Action Committee, in the past it was brought a thought we had about having every public transit stop in Prince George set up for wireless connectivity.  Perhaps if it could be done here, every stop in BC could be connected.  Several stops have Shaw Go WiFi connected already, it was they who were approached first to see if it could be done for all of them.  Those stops were beside venues already connected.  Telus is another one who provides wireless hot spots, so far have not seen them outside major venues of human congestion such as airports and bus terminals in Northern BC.  For some reason, the 7-11’s here have Telus hot spots too. Meh.  Shaw was unable as it needed some close connection, perhaps at some future date when they expand in the areas.  It would be so nice if the buses themselves could be wireless equipped, national intercity shuttles (Greyhound buses in Canada) are, but I’ll wait patiently until BC Transit sees less expensive ways of networking the buses along internal community routes and their intercity runs.

If all the stops had open wireless connectivity, it would save everyone from Data fees.    All passengers would be able to access the “Trip Planner” at the stop and see (*when that technology becomes available) real time data on bus arrival to “that stop”, perhaps get a position along the route as it rolls.  Any personal online business could be done, games, movies while they wait sometimes upwards of an hour, perhaps use those wireless free phone plans too.  Shopping, advance ordering at the restaurant for when getting off the bus.  Data freedom.  Perhaps do a post series,  describing the route and a particular attraction along the trip this blog could do.  I personally cannot see the HandyDART buses Carefree manages having wireless connectivity at any point, the drivers love the interaction between them and the passengers they shuttle back and forth, door to door.  They are specialists in customer service.

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